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     “I am Marty DeBruin, Regional Education Director for 28 countries of the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. I have served in this position for over five years. We have started with English, Arabic, Hindi, Sinhala, and Sri Lanka Tamil Children’s Ministries Institutes to train child evangelists. To the glory of God, we are doing Children’s Ministries Institutes up to now, in 12 languages adding Urdu, Indian Tamil, Kannada, Telegu, Marathi, Nepali and Bangla. You can pray for future development of Children’s Ministries Institutes in at least three more languages. Teaching Children Effectively Level 1™ and Super Seminars, which teach children’s ministries skills are conducted in most of our countries. By the grace of God, over 100,000 teachers were trained last year.  We are averaging about 50 new full-time workers joining our ministry annually.  While our goal is 100 new workers annually, God is doing great things in the Middle East and it is a joy to be a part of it.”

Marty DeBruin, 2 March 2021

CMI® is Online in the Middle East

“By the grace of God and for His glory, in 2020 CEF of Sri Lanka was able to conduct the first Zoom Children’s Ministries Institute® with 11 of the 12 weeks classes online. We had to adapt to wifi issues and occasional power outages. The institute had 18 students who have become full-time workers with CEF® and two of them are serving as volunteers with CEF of Sri Lanka.”

~ National Director for CEF in the Middle East.

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Testimony from the education department

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   Praise be to God, I am the Director of Education. With a grateful heart I am about to say a few words on the CEF Education Department of my country.As said in I Samuel chapter 1 verse 27, “For this child I prayed, and the LORD has granted me my petition that I made to Him.” (ESV), my prayer for the unreached children in my country is also the same. 

CEF Education in my country has expanded in five out of the 22 major regional languages and we are seeking to raise up and train missionaries to reach the vast children in villages and unreached people groups. For this we are equipping the missionaries across the country by conducting CMIs in their regional languages. In 2021, we are planning to conduct 3 language CMIs (Tamil, Hindi and Kannada) of which one is completed. God willing, we want to conduct three more CMIs in other regional languages (Odisha, Gujarati and Bengali) also along with the already planned English CMI in 2022. 

I request your prayers for the upcoming CMIs and that the candidates who enroll to be committed for the ministry. Also pray for the health and safety of the missionaries during this time of the pandemic.

Thrilling testimonies of what God is doing in education on the field!

My name is Jay (name changed). I was born into a very religious family with three older brothers. My father was a Mullah (priest) in the Mosque.

My father’s dream was that I would someday become a Mullah like him.  During my childhood, I was studying in the Islamic school. Eventually, my country got freedom to have TV. I was ten years old at that time. 

We used to watch channels from different parts of the world. I saw a show that had amazing cartoons; I began to watch them daily. The cartoons were in my language. When  I was 14 years old, I realized that this was a Christian channel. I started to research about Christians on the internet. I found some good resources. In those days there were no Smartphones nor internet at home, so I would go to a cyber café at least once or twice a week.  I used to collect my pocket money and pay for internet access so that I could read the Bible and study it. 

Eventually, I understood completely what I was reading. I came to understand that Jesus, and no one else, is my true Savior so I accepted Christ as my personal Savior at age 16.  After that I was searching for a printed Bible so that I could read more properly, but unfortunately, I was not able to find one. I tried to contact some organizations on the web, but all said that they did not want to put me in danger; to have the Scriptures would be unsafe for me.  I decided to write the Bible by myself. Every time I went to the cybercafé, I would copy the Scriptures into my notebook. I wrote Genesis and Matthew; it took 3 years for me to complete them.

When I got a Smart phone, so I was able to read the Word on my mobile.  I found some friends online on Facebook and I went to another country to meet believers in Christ. But the believers ignored me and did not accept me into their church. I had to return to my home country.

Later I found through Facebook a church of my people group in a third country. So I again left my family and country and went to a new place to find believers.  There I met a pastor who gives me my first Bible in a book form.  He disciplined me.  A year later I was able to receive CEF training, Teaching Children Effectively Level 1.

I started working with the CEF.  My life changed. I became more patient and got the love from God to handle children.  With this vision, God was showing me to work with the children and share the Gospel with them.  

Recently I finished the twelve weeks Children’s Ministries Institute®.  I learned a lot of principles, not only for teaching others but also in personal growth with Christ. My vision is to reach more children in future and especially in my home country. May God open more doors for others to hear the Gospel.

Praise the Lord, 

Thank the Lord for the wonderful ways he has been leading us thru this pandemic situation. 

Though me and my wife has been part of the Sunday school ministry and VBS and it was our great desire to be trained by CEF but the timetable was never right because of the busy schedule with our Job and family life. 

But that is when the pandemic hit and one of my friend asked me if I am interested to do the Teaching children effectively level 1 which was planned online and I was like all excited and happy for it. I was able to successfully complete it and while doing the course my wife who saw me doing it online started showing interest too. 

Later we got the opportunity to do our Level 2 in the month of December and gods grace was able to complete level 2 as well.

We always had a desire to be a part of the good news club but was not sure how to start one. God opened doors for that too and we started off in the month of September with 12 children and today we have around 35 plus children registered for it. 

I was born and brought up in a Hindu family. I used to do lots of idol worshipping. I received Jesus when I was nine years old through a street children’s ministry. I got so much persecution from my family for being Christian or believer of Christ.  My parents did not accept me and they started to hurt me physically, beating me and trying to force me to leave Christ. After that my parents kicked me out of my home. They undressed me and hit me in front of others hoping that by shame I will stop believing in Jesus. But it didn’t change my decision. I decided to walk with Jesus. My father filed a case against the children’s worker but nothing happened. I left home and went to church and started to pray for my parents to believe and trust in Jesus. 

After one week my pastor told me to go back home and say sorry to your father and that I was ready to obey and I did so. My father was so angry but by my saying sorry and giving sweets (candy) to him stopped his anger. He was quiet and silent to see my action and he allowed me to enter our home.  

I prayed for my family and God miraculously healed my father from a breathing difficulty when nothing else worked and he believed in Jesus to save him.

That day in prayer I heard a voice saying to me, “I will make you fishers of men in this earth for my Kingdom, Be ready.”  Years later I was able to get involved with Child Evangelism Fellowship’s Christmas party outreach to children.  My husband and I had an internship with this ministry and I recently graduated from the Children’s Ministries Institute.  In the year or years ahead we desire to have a the Children’s Ministries Institute in my language and get more full-time evangelists reaching the children in my state.

“I thank God for the pandemic because it allowed the IOT course, that is the instructor level 1 course to come to my living room.   I had waited years to take this course.”

“We wanted to take CEF training, such as Teaching Children Effectively Level 1and 2 for years, but the timetable never worked with our employment and family life. Praise God during the pandemic we were able to get this training and thereafter be involved in an online Good News Club® in our country.”