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“Hi, My name is Diane Pomroy, and I am the Regional Literature Director for the Middle East. It is my responsibility to oversee the translation, printing and distribution of CEF® materials in about 20 languages for 28 countries. We are steadily making progress in the last few years to be able to provide materials for our teachers so they can teach Good News Clubs®, Christmas Party Clubs and Vacation Bible Schools in their own languages.  And just as important, it is for the children to be able to able to read Gospel tracts, booklets and devotional materials in their own languages as well. So please visit our digital library and check out some of these materials for yourself. You can view them and download them. And rejoice with us as you listen to some of these short presentations about the amazing work that God is doing through literature in the Middle East. Have a wonderful conference.   We look forward to answering your questions and helping you in any way we can.”

~ Diane Pomroy regional Literature Director for CEF of the Middle East

Listen to the testimony:
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Paper Missionaries​

Gospel tracts, booklets and discipleship materials are going out and boys and girls all over the Middle East are hearing the good news. 

Literature in the Middle East Region

A glimpse of the process behind producing ministry materials in the various languages of the Middle East. 

Check out a real resource being used in the Middle East from the library below