About Us

About CEF of the Middle East​

     CEF of the Middle East consists of 28 countries from North Africa to South West Asia. There are 750 million children in this region which has 2.35 billion people. One third of all the world’s population of children live in the Middle East. Our goal is that every child will have the opportunity to hear about Jesus at least one time in these majority non-Christian countries. We want these children to know God’s love, trust in Jesus as their Saviour and grow in their relationship with Him through the Word of God.

CEF® provides classes to train their workers who are burdened to reach children

     In fact, training believers to effectively minister to children is foundational to our ministry. Training is offered throughout our region both live and via Zoom. The Children’s Ministries Institute with 7-12 week modular classes are held regularly in various languages both live and via Zoom to train full-time workers serving with CEF. Various trainings, seminars and courses are held locally throughout the region.

CEF of the Middle East is reaching out to children through various technology

Children are drawn to social media platforms and they create their own digital world. Our aim is to share God’s love and to give them at least one opportunity to hear the Gospel. Good News Club® shows are now broadcasted on TV, crossing all borders and restrictions, delivering the message of the Christ to children in their native language. Many different types of contents such as animations and movies are being created to reach more children.

CEF of the Middle East is translating, printing and distributing CEF materials in our region

     Our goal is to equip teachers with materials in their own languages for Good News Clubs, 3-Day Clubs, Christmas Party Clubs, VBS, Children Reaching Children and other programs. Evangelistic tracts and booklets plus devotional materials are being provided to children in their own languages. These materials are making an eternal difference because the Gospel is clearly presented in each piece of literature.

CEF of the Middle East Ministry

The Good News Club and 3-Day Club programs take place in homes, villages, schools and churches throughout the region. These one-hour programs are designed to bring the Gospel of Christ to children in their own languages in their environment. Some countries are airing Good News Clubs on satellite and other media platforms, reaching children in places a CEF worker can’t go!

Along with these foundational ministries, CEF in the Middle East conducts party clubs, open-air evangelism, literature distribution, VBS, and other online ministries to children. Through these combined ministries, in our region over 7.9 million children heard the Good News of Jesus Christ in 2020.

Christmas Across Middle East Lands

     Christmas Across Middle East Lands is our most effective ministry in the Middle East because many people enjoy celebrating Christmas even though they may not believe in Jesus. The CAMEL project has several components: producing a special Christmas Party Club kit, training staff and volunteers to use the materials and then conducting Christmas Party Clubs throughout the region. Over 6 million children are evangelized every year through these special party clubs and numerous new Good News Clubs have started as a result.

Middle East Regional Office

     The Middle East Region has several mobile offices. Most staff work from their laptops and smartphones. The Middle East Regional Team assists our national leaders with administration, financial support, education, literature, Fueled by Prayer, multi-media needs, and discipleship so they may carry out the vision given to them by the Lord. The goal is to develop native leaders to eventually assume responsibility for all their ministries needs within their own countries